Lash Goggles


The ultimate protective shield for your eye, lash and brow treatments. Enjoy care-free showers now with the latest beauty innovation! Lash Goggles are a preventative beauty essential created to protect your eye procedures, lash extensions and brow treatments from water damage when showering.

We all know getting your lashes wet too early after your refill can be devastating! Stop any water, steam or product from touching your extensions by wearing Lash Goggles in the shower and save time and money on refilling your extensions as they extend the life of your lashes by weeks! The best part, you don’t need any straps to keep these babies on your face! Just gently push the Lash Goggles on to your skin and they will form a water tight suction that keeps them secure, allowing you to wash your hair and be comfortable not having to worry about bands and straps around your head.

You will still need to cleanse your extensions for hygiene reasons with a Lash Cleanser separately every few days to a week depending on how much make up you wear and how oily your skin is however you have much more control and you know exactly what is touching your lashes.


  • Goggles with ear loop straps
  • Container with instruction flyer
  • Care knot Bag (free for a limited time only)



• Lash: Extensions, Adhesives, Serums, Sealers

• Brow: Microblading, Laminating, Colouring

• Eye Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Contact Lenses

• Permanent Makeup, Professional Makeup

• Cosmetic Tattoo

• Blepharoplasty Aftercare

• Bacterial droplets


• Wide view protective lens – anti-fog film technology to prevent the lens from fogging up.

• Scientifically engineered soft 100% silicone goggles. Moulded to fit most adult faces. These Goggles were designed to form a tested watertight seal.​

• Ear loop straps are quite stretchy and created to support the mask and allow for unobstructed hair washing.

• Lash Goggles container made of recyclable plastic. Great for protecting and storing your mask and all your eye, lash and brow accessories.

• Instructions on how to safely use.

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