Facial Peel Mask


From Tru.’s active range this facial Peel Mask will leave your skin glowing.

Suitable for all skin types this mask is the safe way to do a peel at home. With acids ranging between 10-15% it will help remove the top layer of dry, dead and congested skin, stimulating cell turnover and promoting a fresh, glowing and even complexion. Great for preventing break outs and reducing pore size as well as minimising fine lines and winter skin that appears dull without causing irritation.

Apply to dry, freshly washed skin and leave for 10 minutes. Best to be done 3 days before an event as you may experience some flaking skin as the dead skin comes away.

You until need a small amount of product, enough to cover your face so this tub will last 15+ uses.

Containing Mandelic Acid, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Modified Pomegranate Enzyme, Cucumber Extract, Lavender extract, Calendula extract

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