Derma Roller


Dermarollers are a great at home beauty hack that you can incorporate into your current skin care routine.

With regular use they stimulate collagen production meaning your skin will appear firmer and plumper. This stimualtion also results in fine lines and wrinkles being reduced as well as acne scarring and uneven skin tone smoothed. It also helps to reduce pore size and improve skin elasticity leaving you not only plumper but with a beautiful ‘glow’. It can also be used to help reduce stretch marks and scarring on the body.

Our titanium handled, lightweight Dermaroller comes in its own sealed packaging to ensure it remains sterile. The 1.5mm needles are stainless steel and are considered relatively “deep” needles for an at home Dermaroller so you should only use this once every one- two weeks at a maximum.

How to use

After double cleansing your face as normal remove your roller from its packaging. Gently roll the device over your face, focusing on going over each area twice in a criss cross type movement. Do not force the needles into your skin, they only need to create micro channels for the device to work. Forcing the needles too deep can do more harm than good. Once you have gone over your face, apply your normal serum and moisturiser on to your face with clean hands. Your Dermaroller will need to be sterilised after every use. You can do this by running it under hot water until you are satisfied you have removed all dirt, debris and skin oils. After this submerge your roller into disinfectant/ isopropyl alcohol for 15-30 minutes. Always store your device in its cover and in a secure place, free from contaminates.

*Do not use on active acne/ break outs.

*Each time you use your Dermaroller the needles loose some of their sharpness. You should replace your Dermaroller after 10 uses.

*Your skin will be sensitive after use so the best time to use your Dermaroller is at night before you go to bed. Ensure you have clean pillow cases and apply sunscreen the following day.


PLEASE NOTE the rollers we have in stock are now white, not black and silver

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