There is so much advice out there when it comes to skin and body care it’s hard to know where to start! As with most things, the simplest and most natural approach is always best. Here’s some basic things you can do to ensure you have glowing skin all year round! The best part? They can all be purchased in your local pharmacy or fresh food isle at the supermarket.

Vitamin C

Most dermatologists and plastic surgeons advise Vitamin C in the morning to inject a boost of brightening hydration to the skin.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is the key component in lightening any existing hyper-pigmentation you might have, as well as preventing further spots to develop. Whether it is past acne scaring, uneven skin tone or sunspots- Vit C is your saving grace!

It is a strong antioxidant that is soluble in water and a great topical skin care product to have in your beauty case. It works both inside and outside of the cells to fight free radical damage and boost collagen growth. It also provides excellent moisture to dehydrated skin. Think of Vitamin C as water for your cells, drink up!

Fresh food

For healthier, younger, glow-y skin, try adding these eight foods to your diet,

Salmon, sardines, and anchovies. Broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts. Grapefruit. Blueberries. Oysters. Walnuts. Tomatoes. Eggs.

Just remember, Fresh produce that are rich in colour are rich in antioxidants! They keep your cells healthier and “younger” for longer, and don’t we all want that!?

Embrace the skin mist

You are at work- as you walk back to your desk from that meeting (that could have definitely just have just been an email!) you catch a glimpse in the mirror and see that your previously glowing, moisturized skin has somehow dissolved into a pile of creases and dullness. Panic. What do you do? Reach for a thick cream to throw over the top of your already worn foundation? No chance!

This is why a brightening face mist in the top drawer can really save your day. Just a few spritz and you are ready to go!

These mists don’t just refresh your skin, but actually replenish the moisture you’ve lost throughout the day. Face mists instantly add flexibility to a tight dry complexion, filling the top layer of the skin with water and oxygen. Try and scout the shelves for mist containing a more natural formulation. Look out for ingredients on the back that contain brightening and hydrating elements such as coconut water, aloe, fruit and nut oils and antioxidants. These are all key ingredients to help restore the skin’s moisture barrier, while overall improving your natural glow!

Multi Vitamins

Excessive exposure to sunlight, loss of iron during that time of the month, poor dietary habits, stress, and cigarette smoking gets you further and further away from achieving that natural glow. These are glow killers!

You can use moisturisers, and other healthy potions directly to the skin to add a healthy glow on the outside however unfortunately this cannot be said for the inside.

Our vital organs often give us hints as to what is going on in there, a loss of our glow is a crucial indication that we are deficient in essential vitamins. These Vitamins are usually C, A and B.

Pop a Multi V every morning while your applying your topical Vit C serum, eat a breakfast stacked with antioxidant rich blueberries, refresh your skin with a mid day spritz and you will have the whole office wearing sunglasses!